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School Visit and Transnational Partners’ Meeting in Amsterdam

From the 14th to the 17th of November, InTouch hosted the ISEX School Visit and Transnational Partners’ Meeting in Amsterdam.

We had the pleasure to welcome educators from Greece, Italy, and Hungary to discuss the different practices of sex education in these countries, along with its challenges. During the first day we were grateful to host the guest speaker Saskia Rácz, former sex educator at Rutgers, Qpido, COC Amsterdam and more, who shared best practices and her personal experience with sex-education in the Netherlands.

Later, all participants collaborated in a bonding group activity that encouraged a reflection on their aims as sex educators, the tools they already possess to achieve it, and their needs. This exercise emphasised the collaborative, intergenerational learning process that can occur between educators and their students, and the need for spaces where educators can share their experiences and learn from, or even be inspired by one another.

All participants were welcomed for an entire morning at the Hyperion Lyceum, Amsterdam, where the ISEX sex-education curriculum and mentoring program is currently being implemented by InTouch. We all had a chance to learn about the Dutch school system, ask questions and engage in discussions with the Hyperion youth worker and teachers.

On our last day, we held a transnational partner meeting to discuss how to better implement into the ISEX project objectives the feedback and suggestions from the participating teachers, youth workers and midwifes providing sex-education in their respectful countries.  

Although it has been a few very busy days, we are pleased with the outcome which only further contributes to the ISEX project’s development and the deepening of international and intergeneration experience exchange – allowing us to create a diverse and accurate sex-education program.