Methodological training

4-day Methodological Training on Comprehensive Sex Education

The Methodological Training toolkit document is designed for teachers and educators who believe that CSE should enter all schools and learning environments, and wants to guide them in organizing a 4-days-long Methodological Training on the topic for their colleagues, parents, or anyone who can have a role in the education of young people.

What is a Methodological Training?

Based on the different training experiences collected at European and local level (in Italy, Netherlands, Greece and Hungary), and especially starting from the Joint Staff Trainings that the ISEX partnership lived in Palermo in November 2021 and in Amsterdam in November 2022, the present toolkit provides a learning outline for you as teacher, educator or youth worker to create your own Teachers Training or Methodological Training for other educational staff or families members, following our model.

In order to address topics in a comprehensive way, in our proposal the training should be organized in 4 full days. In the toolkit you will find details on topics to be included, method sheets and practical non-formal activities enabling you to cover all of them, ideas for specific sessions dedicated to movies screening, external experts’ intervention or study fields, as well as tips from the ISEX experience.

The learning process: a 4-step approach

In our understanding, if someone wants to deal with sexuality as a teacher, educator, coach or other, this person needs to go through the same learning process that would ask their students. Also, this person needs to reflect their own position in the teaching context to go through a decentration process.

The basic structure of our training is that participants gain self-experience with a large and colorful repertoire of topics, sub-topics and sex-ed activities (which will be shown below), experiencing them from both the children’s and the teacher’s perspective, and then reflect on these activities, both on the personal and professional levels.

You can read the find the toolkit below with the complete methodology, tips and proposed 4-day methodological training.