Ice breakers

When starting a workshop or a training session, it is essential to welcome participants and provide them with a safe space: there might be participants who feel a little embarrassment or discomfort at the beginning of a session. Ice breaking or relaxing activities can be a step to overcome this issue. Such activities can reduce the stress of participants and help them feel and relax their bodies: indeed, people learn better when they are calm and in a positive state of mind. Nevertheless, we would suggest not to skip a formal introduction telling participants the goal and structure of the workshop and introduce briefly non-formal methodology and its aims. That might give a feeling of security to participants new to non-formal learning.

We dedicated this first chapter to present a list of introductory activities that can be used at the beginning of the workshop or to introduce a specific topic.

Proposed activities are based on non-formal education which carries several advantages by developing team spirit and collaboration between people, stimulating creativity, fostering a friendly atmosphere, and renewing the energy.

Such activities aim at establishing a friendly informal climate for the formal learning to follow, facilitating the getting-acquainted process, and encouraging self-disclosure and self-discovery.

We also propose specific activities related to sexuality, intimacy, and relationships: introducing these topics may be challenging, so let’s start from here!