The ISEX curriculum

The ISEX curriculum is 30-hour long school sex-ed curriculum for secondary school children (ages 11-18) covering the topics of relationships, love, intimacy and emotions, based on a non-formal education methodology. The curriculum is comprised of interactive and experiential activities, as well as theoretical guidance for educators on the topics of sexuality and intimacy.

The aim of the curriculum is to:

  • focus on developing the relational, social, emotional skills of children;
  • approach sex-ed not only from the stand-point of prevention of possible dangers but also the positive and joyful aspects of sexuality;
  • empower children and young people to get access to their own strengths and resources, make responsible choices and think critically;
  • increase body awareness by teaching reliable information about body functions and sensations, and develop an embodied presence and communication using different methods;
  • enrich young people´s cultural repertoire regarding love, relationships and sexuality through learning about language, literature, fine arts, theater, music.
You can download the complete curriculum or browse through our activities here